29 April 2013


so this was for one of my units about sustainability, and the brief was based on issey miyake's project APOC (a piece of cloth), so basically we had to use a piece of cloth to create a garment, with zero waste at all, using it all..as in all legit. So i was looking into geometric angular shapes, and like the kenzo and versus SS11 collections, and the alexander wang SS13 one, and i came to the concept of tessellation. and i liked the angular variety and versatility of the triangle shape, like isosceles etc, you know. So i cut the piece of cloth into about 100 triangles and sewed them all together, reinterpreting conventional tessellation ideology. I also wanted more versatility, so i included the reversible element,so you could either have the clean cut seams, or a more organic and raw look, so.. this is it