22 August 2014


✩ ✩ my DIY version of the maurie & eve titty top ft. some weird art i did in the background ✩ 

20 June 2014


we all took an adventure a couple weeks back to this abandoned funpark and had a day of shooting a couple of looks - such a joy day. here is one with some hollo shorts i did ages ago and this more recent striped bra and mesh top contraption. come visit me on tumblr and instagram for late night procrastination and fun piccys

24 May 2014


my favourite shape to work with a while back. it took a lot of experimenting and various versions,and you can also see here my phase of buying out all types of leopard print fabric from the shops, which i'll post soon - a neon orange/white longer version.




20 April 2014


various arty things done recently, and others from a while back

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14 April 2014


started cleaning up my stuff and found these all these quite big scraps of fabric; basketball mesh, jersey, leather acetate, all that, so just experimented using them together for fun and a semi procrastinating because ceebs cleaning. was aiming for a sportsluxe-ish vibe, but i feel the back kill that, so probs would change.. but anyway this is just what i played around with

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23 February 2014


clear t-shirt trial from ages ago last year, using some holographic stripes, p.s.  sorry about the long absence, summer hiatus maybe...i don't even know? but back at it now, going to keep up with things to share slash attempt to be regular, I also started a new fashion design course, so it'll be exciting and all that woo   


24 September 2013


some cheeki avocados i painted on to jersey offcut, then embroidered and beaded over them. the back is just nude mesh leftover from a uni project aswell, and like comes over the shoulders and  in at the sides a bit. fits a size 6 or small 8, with an a-cup otherwise it starts to ride up haha, just because this was an experiment sample so i just used little bits of what i already had. 


avaliable here 

10 September 2013


this dress available at melox (bigcartel), $45. silk, (aside from skirt lining) bias cut, chain straps, open back, asymmetric hem sorry i can only post one photo on bigcartel so the details are here on blog 

29 August 2013


v delayed... i was so attached to this idea of pineapples and twosies, but then i thought it would be fun to join it as a jumpsuit and have more colour, and tbh none of the fabric that was around was really appealing, so i was just like yolo paint the pineapples on myself. I did a trial sample to test, so like with acrylics and textile solution stuff and then just some varying size and placement.

***** ALSO will be selling one-off designs available very soon on bigcartel, check out my store here , got exciting things planned,and follow on instagram aswell - @meloxclothing